How to Draw: A Unicorn

how to draw a unicorn

Welcome to the first episode of the ‘How to Draw’ series – drawing a unicorn! With school holidays here, I know the importance of keeping everyone occupied so the tantrums and fights don’t start! I’ve always used drawing, or craft, to occupy kids – mostly because I have everything handy to use and I love it myself, but also because kids really do love it. You’ll be hard pressed to find a child that won’t even sit down, if only for 10 minutes, to draw, colour or craft. And not only does it keep them occupied, it’s for all ages! I had a four, five and eleven year old drawing these unicorns – the four year old simply ended up colouring the tracing downloads in and cutting them out. Two hours of fun!

how to draw a unicorn

It’s so easy to begin the unicorn

All you need is paper, a pencil, an eraser and a black pen. I’ve tried to create this so everyone can use it, so you can print off the downloads, watch the video or simply straight from you computer screen!

I personally draw in a cartoon type style with animals usually, because it is easier to draw (and teach). The comic thick black lines are great for kids, drawing, and colouring – and they look fantastic!

If you’re after a different animal, I’m working on more now. Next up is a funky owl, and there’s also a kangaroo and giraffe in the works. If you’re looking for a specific animal, let me know and we’ll try to get it done for you!

All you need to do

To have a go at drawing the unicorn, simply download and print, or watch, the instructions below! Don’t forget to leave a mention if you have any questions or want to suggest a new drawing.

To download the Step By Step PDF file simply click here. Or if you would like to download and print the Trace and/or Colour PDF page, click here. The video is on my Youtube channel – or you can just watch it below 🙂


I can’t wait to share the next one with you – the owl has again been tested by all ages, and everyone loves it!

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how to draw a unicorn

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