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It took a while for me to get the decorating bug, but once I got it, I got it in a big way! Now I like to make sure everything I do is decorated… most of the time…. sometimes… okay when I have the money. Naturally I love to find ways to save money on decorating, by making things myself. I’ve made a beach photo frame before (that’s a whole other blog I’ll link to later, but you can see the picture on my instagram) which just to sit on a counter top – but this time I ventured into wall hangings. And I thought I would share how to make them with you all, so you can make them too! They’re so easy to make it can take less than an hour – and you’ll spend less than ten dollars creating it. (Craft) Boom!

Wall Hanging Around

A great little project for not just me – but also for my four year to help with, because it’s quick, easy and fun! And you really don’t have to go far for the materials either. You’ll need:

  • A dowel or stick – something to hang all the wool off. I bought the dowel used in the pictures from a craft store – 25 of them for $2! But if you’re remote or want something a little more rustic, simply use a stick from the garden.
  • Wool. Depending on what style or colour you want, this can vary your cost, but you won’t use an entire ball of wool on only one – so why not experiment.
  • A hanging place – if you don’t already have a place to hang your creation, a simple peel and stick hook will work.

All that’s left to do next is choose your style!

Once upon a style

The next step is to grab your dowel, or stick, and attach the wool. Putting the wool on is the easiest part – you cut the wool to double the length you want the final product, fold it in half, then swing the loop end up and over your dowel so you can pull the tail through. Easy! There’s no special finish, the only extra thing I will mention is that by using different thicknesses, you can create different looks – I’ve used two strands of wool in all mine. Three can also look fabulous, it’s a personal choice.

And in case you’re like me and learn from pictures:

how to create a rainbow wall hanging

Or if a video is more your style, see our awesome Youtube channel – watch to halfway, where I do a real time example.

Customise to the end

You can create something totally unique from this – one colour, or millions, adding in pom poms for clouds or letters layered on top – stay tuned for the next post where I show you more customisation options. For now, practice hanging wool!

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