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new range

A brand new style for me! The ‘Vivid Australia’ Collection is a limited edition, 3 piece set consisting of Boronias & Butterflies’, ‘Hibiscus & Homalictus Bees’, and ‘Rhododendrons & Damselflies’.

The first spark of an idea for these art prints

My initial idea for these prints came the same way all my others do – I first came across an Australian Native and got inspired! This one in particular, the Boronia Serrulata, was a random Google search that I was doing to see if there was such thing as an Australian Rose – it cam up because it’s commonly called a Native Rose. (You can read more on them here)

I was taken with the shape of the flower, and the colour, and my first reaction was, oh that would look so nice in a line drawing, I wonder if I could do it justice? (Turns out, yes, I can) After completing the drawing, (and scanning it just in case) I turned to my new Derwent Inktense Watercolour set to dash on some vibrant colour – and I loved the result immediately. The Boronia is paired with an insect that I’ve had in my head I wanted to draw for a while – I just hadn’t found the right outlet yet. My take on a range of Australian Butterflies, from the Red Lacewing Butterfly to the Cruiser Butterfly, are completed in black and white to create contrast between the plants & insects. Visit the artwork page itself here.

boronia drawing

How it all came together

I knew I had one piece now that I was in love with – but I wasn’t sure if this should become a collection, or simply a stand alon artwork. But, then if anyone out there is like me, you would really rather buy a piece that ‘matches’ something else, and so I began researching other flowers that might suit this style. The style itself was already a jump for me – I’ve not completed anything like this one previously, so I really wanted to make sure I had a clear direction on where to go next.

I found the Hibiscus Splendens next, and my brain registered the petal similarity in the way I could draw it. After a quick test draw (this is me just doodling ideas, but test draw sounds way more official don’t you think?) I started working on the insect to feature with it. At first I was going to continue working on more butterflies, but to be completely honest, I got bored drawing them – and then after I clicked onto the alliteration with the ‘Homalictus Bees’, I couldn’t look any further. My take on these teeny tiny natives that sparkle in real life with glints of aqua, golden green & orange are not exactly to scale, but quite close. I wanted to use another colour with supreme vibrancy, but branch out from the pink a little, and so mixed a lovely orange, red and pink combination for this work. The Hibiscus artwork can be found here.

the hibiscus drawing

The next few pieces

The Rhododendron Lochiae followed soon after the Hibiscus – again, a little unusual, but beautiful and delicate, and with enough shape to give another artwork that I wanted to be pink a different feeling. It’s paired up with the Australian Flatwing Damselfly – I did want to continue the alliteration, but once I read the name Damselfly, I was a goner. The name has such fairy tale connotations, and I loved that association with my artwork. See the full artwork right here

rhododendron drawing

After that…. it’s complete!

A few little magic touches, and a lot of test printing (this is where I realised they all need the combining background factor, so test printing colours to match all three was an essential step) – my latest collection was born! What do you think of it? It’s a new venture for me, with the combinations of all the different styles, I’m hoping everyone loves them as much as I do. What do you feel when you look at these pieces together?

boronias butterflieshibiscus bees

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