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Trying to get organised, so what do you do? Make yourself a blog slash lifestyle planner! Great procrastination technique – I’ve just made mine!

I had so many books and pages scattered throughout the house, so I wanted a diary or planner to put everything in one place. I’ve personalised it with Etsy, WordPress and Pinterest stats, but it comes with so many other things: Procedures, Yearly Planner, Address Book, Monthly Statistics & Review, Monthly Planner, Weekly Planner and Daily Planners – for every month/week and day of the year.

Each weekly and daily planner includes specialised sections – so I can keep track of the blog, Etsy, Facebook, my to-do lists, ideas, sketching and more in one place.


Printed at home, by me! Contact me if you’re interested in getting something like this for yourself – all part of the Frianki design services. Worth every cent, now no more excuses, I’m off to complete my to-do list…

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