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Looking for an Easter craft to occupy the kids with before easter? Why not try this simple Easter hat! It’s super simple – just print (on A4) and all you need is some sort of colouring in, scissors and something to stick the pieces together (Sticky tape, glue, blu-tack, stapler – anything will work) Fun for all ages – although the older kids will accomplish this a lot quicker. Click here to download the Easter hat template, and get making! Next up will be a great Easter card to make! And soon I’ll release the Ester hunt clues the Easter bunny leaves at our house.

easter hat for kids craft

Entirely made – and cut out – by a four year old


  1. Colour in the Easter egg drawing, and the strap pieces too if you would like too
  2. Carefully cut out the pieces along the dotted lines. Ask mum or dad to help you if you’re not ready to use scissors yet.
  3. Glue, staple or tape the two pieces together! It’s so simple!

easter hat craft


The sizing can be changed, depending on how close you tape the pieces to the edge. It can suit the littlest head up to an adult head easily. And keep in mind the download is for an A4 size paper.

And if you’ve been through all my Easter craft ideas and still want more – don’t forget to check out my Easter Pinterest board! You can din it by clicking here.

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how to make an easter hat

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