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It’s that time again – a project completed in the past that I want to show off – here is a little shift dress I made up just after my son was born. I got some fabulous fabric from Lincraft and searched for the perfect pattern to make it in.

I ended up getting a book on pattern making (this was the beginning of me actually making clothes from a pattern, before this it was all draping or trial and error), and made this dress! Its a really simple pattern, just two skirt pieces with two darts each side; and three bodice pieces – one for the front (with two darts) and two for the back. It has a long zip that travels into the skirt a little bit, and the armholes are not as wide as normal, giving that modern look.

The only bad thing was, I couldn’t be bothered to get out the Overlocker, so although the armholes and neck has 3 cm of facing, the seams are beginning to fray. No one else but me knows this, because you can’t see the seams… but it is annoying! Ill have to fix it up one of these days.

That’s all for today – I’m starting work on a Learn to Sew series, and if I can find a decent tripod it will be all happening soon, so stay tuned.

Happy sewing 🙂


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