Memory-Lane Monday


Another flashback to things I’ve made previously – this one was not too long ago. When I first started sewing for Sadie, she was only 3 months old, and I wanted to use this cute zebra fabric I found. Created from a combination of using existing clothes for sizes and draping on her little frame in muslin, it took about three days of sewing every now and then to finish.

The skirt is pleated, and the bodice lined with the outside cotton. I hand stitched the ribbon around the edges, just for decoration, leaving about an inch open at the back, so you can tie the ends together and get the fit tighter (or looser). And the highlight of this dress, the reason why I love it? The heart cut-out in the back, with a button for closure. Took me a while to figure out exactly how to do it (I ended up cutting the bodice pieces, sewing around the heart and then turning it inside out), but was really happy with the result!

And now a sneak peek at what I’m currently working on…


A pattern to make your own Cot Rail Protector, so no more bite marks!

Until next time, happy sewing!

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