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It has definitely been a while in between patterns (I think my last release was 2016?..) but better late than never! After revamping Frianki, I’m also getting back into the good ‘ole PDF pattern – and renewing the awesome Paperbag Ruffle Short was first on the list. And why not? These shorts are so easy they’ve only got written instructions, (although if help is needed check out the Facebook page or email via Etsy), and they only take about an hour from start to finish to actually make!

Such a strange name for something so pretty – paperbag – but it’s pretty obvious where it gets it from. That cute ruffle above where it’s cinched in at the waist, so gorgeous for a little girl short! I don’t know about everyone else but having a cute and easy short pattern was high on my ‘needs’ list – we pick and choose when we like dresses *rolled eyes*

paperbag short

Flashback Pattern Pics

It was actually super helpful too seeing my daughter in both pics! I’ve got her in the originals (cutest photo everrrrr!) in a size 2, and then again in a size 4! But I can see in person then how the pattern moves with the different ages and dimensions… it was interesting – but I definitely will not be waiting two years for the next pattern to go up! In fact I’m off to work on it right now… I’m thinking.. boys next haha.

But go check it out!

Tell me what you think! You can find the direct link by clicking here – or, you can also head to the menu, where you can view all my patterns 😉

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