Baby Footsie Leggings – What a hurdle

Finally I have uploaded the Baby Footsie Leggings pattern, the beginning of my winter collection. But it took so long to get to this point! So simple, so easy to make (with a pattern), but they have taken me the longest time to create out of all my patterns to date.

Babyfootsieleggings    WHY?

Well, the rate babies seem to grow always astounds me – and trying to find the average    size and difference is a killer, especially in their pudgy little feet!

I ended up making 7 muslins (Size 00 and 2) to try and find the right fit. From the crotch being wayyy to low, to the feet being the wrong size; the biggest issue was the dorsal (the top of the foot) being the wrong shape, as this meant the foot became too short and the (walking) kids’ heels kept making the pants fall down. But sure enough I figured it out – and as per usual, one tiny alignment and problemo solved.

But it all worked out in the end, and the pattern is now available from the Etsy store.


Stay tuned because I have some big news (new associations) coming up soon!

Happy sewing 🙂

Sewing Alert: New patterns in girls sizes

I’ve been quiet on the blog for the last few weeks – because I have been busing sewing, sewing, sewing! I’ll begin though with my apologies – I have been fighting with my computer for the last couple of days, and I still can’t upload my fabulous pictures I put together for this post! Grrr. Hopefully later. SIDENOTE: Yay! Just fixed it, pictures now on the post!


But back to sewing. We had a lovely school holidays visit with miss Madison, which gave me a great opportunity to make up a few of the designs I had set aside for her, in girls sizes. I’ve already put up a Halter dress (3rd from left), Harem pants (far right) and the Hi-Lo dress (second from left) on Etsy (and Facebook, and Instagram, and Twitter, and… sheesh!) all in children’s sizes 4 to 10, and I have one more to go.

The last (for now) will be some children’s Pyjamas (far left), so I’m now up to grading the pattern and making instructions to upload those too.

On the sewing plate for babies – I have just finished some boys shorts (loving double stitching as a finish lately! So professional!) and some leggings with feet that will be great for both boys and girls, for the coming colder days and nights. If I can get my two munchkins to sit still for a photo, I could be in with a winner there!

There is a few posts in the pipeline, on different finishing techniques – and I’m working on a competition for February! Stay tuned 🙂