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If you’re stuck for ideas on a birthday cake or simply want to create something super special for a special person, I’ve recently discovered the best thing to have sitting in your cupboard (or at least a very cool cupboard that is fairly temperature controlled) – wafer paper.

What is Wafer paper I hear you ask?

Wafer paper, or rice paper as it’s also known, is an edible paper or card that’s made from potato starch – which means it should be free from allergens and entirely edible. I love that you can use them for so many different things! It’s a great lining to stop biscuits, meringues or macaroons sticking; you can print on them; cut it out and make flowers or objects; or you can draw on them and with icing or food colour pens to create unique artwork!

Where to get it

Store wafer paper for years in an airtight container – it won’t spoil, so it’s perfect to have in the cupboard for ‘just when you need it’. You can get it from any good cake decorating place generally, I got mine from the Cakers Warehouse (which you can get to here). And you can even get edible texta’s to go with!

wafer paper topper

Remember when you were a kid, and used to make those little cupcakes that had the latest cartoon or Disney image on them? Wafer paper in action there. There are so many uses for it in cake and cupcake decoration, I’ve used it for a cake topper, made by my children for their Poppy’s birthday! But you can also make flowers, create texture, cake toppers or print with it – the opportunities are endless with this sitting around!

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