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A Creative Home is the brainchild of Kathleen, owner of Frianki. As the lover of all things arty, crafty, and pretty; Kathleen was looking to create a platform where she could share what she enjoys doing most, and also how to do it. So, ‘A Creative Home’ is just that – a home for all things creative! The jack of all trades, master of a few, Kathleen has a Bachelor of Visual Communication, majoring in Graphic Design, and is currently studying Web Development. Most of her time (when she’s not playing with her two minions) is spent doing or looking at creative things, ranging from design, art, lettering and all different illustrations, to other crafty endeavours like sewing, baking, crochet and crafting.

After originally starting Frianki as a boutique graphic design agency that specialised in wedding invitations, two kids altered the amount of time that Kathleen could spend on making the invitations, but somehow she always found time for her other love – sewing. After making a few designs that friends and family loved, Kathleen trialled the Frianki Etsy shop, selling her own handmade patterns and it was (and still is) a hit. Now ‘A Creative Home’ is the next venture – helping everyone else to create craft, cakes & fashion at home – and here were are! Also in there are personal bullet journal planners, the most creative way to stay organised…

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